AI, The Next Frontier:

A Coding Introduction to Deep Learning & Neural Networks


- Learn how to develop and train Multilayer Perceptrons/Neural Networks using Python and Keras.
- Understand what Artificial Intelligence (A.I) is, How it is being used in the world today and how it could be used in the Future.
- Understand the various Approaches to Artificial Intelligence, and the differences between the terms Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks.
- Understand the various concepts and algorithms that make up Neural Networks.
- Learn how to create and use datasets.
- Learn how to work on Classification and Regression problems.
- Learn how to create your own Deep Learning projects.


A basic or above knowledge of any C-like Programming Language (eg. Python, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Java, C, C#, C++, Objective-C)


IBM Lab, Computer Science Department
University of Ghana

Starts On:

23rd November 2019

Registration Deadline:

21st November 2019


5 weeks

Lessons (on-site):

Saturdays, 6 hours (Three 30 minutes interval breaks)

Lessons (online):

Weekdays, Self-paced
Assignments and Curated Materials & Content


Free Breakfast


GH₵ 700 (₵1000)


Runmila AI Institute is dedicated to preparing Ghana, and the rest of Africa for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Future and the 4th Industrial Revolution. The world is drastically changing with all leading nations and blocs creating AI Plans & Strategies. Furthermore, plenty of these leading nations and blocs have already started implementing these strategies; Africa shouldn't be left behind. Through the skillful use of AI, we can leapfrog our development and solve many of Africa's grand challenges, especially connected to the 'Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)'. Our goal is to train the talents that Africa requires to build this AI Future that the continent deserves and needs. We are doing this by equipping Africans, starting with Ghanaians, with practical skills in AI (Deep Learning & Machine Learning) and Data Science.

Course Design

Our courses are practical, being Development-focused and designed around optimally teaching complex concepts in a fast and easy-to-grasp approach. Our students take away skills to develop their own AI projects that they can readily implement for their needs and demonstrate to would-be investors or employers. These courses are crafted by Artificial Intelligence Engineers and Researchers who are already working on real world applications of Artificial Intelligence in Africa.

Our Founder

Darlington Ahiale Akogo is the Founder and Director of Runmila AI Institute, and the Founder, C.E.O and Director of Artificial Intelligence at minoHealth, an Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Healthcare system for Medical Diagnostics and Evidence-based Healthcare. He's also an Advisory Board Member and Ambassador to West Africa at AI Expo Africa, the largest business focused AI community in Africa. Darlington Ahiale Akogo also heads minoHealth AI Labs where they research and apply Artificial Intelligence to fields like Biotechnology, Neuroscience, Optometry, Epidemiology, Dietetics/Nutrition and Agriculture. And with Gudra AI Studio, they explore Artificial Intelligence applied to general domains like Energy, Art, Education and Linguistics.

Darlington Ahiale Akogo is also an Artificial Intelligence advocate, communicator and mentor. He believes Artificial Intelligence can solve a lot of problems plaguing Africa and being proactive is necessary in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and the 4th Industrial Revolution. So Darlington advocates, teaches and communicates Artificial Intelligence through seminars, lectures, interviews, writings and mentorships. He was a research presenter at NeurIPS 2018, the largest Conference on Artificial Intelligence in the World. And he was one of the speakers at the ​AI Expo Africa 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa and Next Einstein Forum’s ​Africa Science Week​. He was also a participant in Massachusett Institute of Technology (MIT)'s Global Community ​BioSummit 2018. His research paper ‘ScaffoldNet: Detecting and Classifying Biomedical Polymer-Based Scaffolds via a Convolutional Neural Network’ has been accepted by the ​Future of Information and Communications Conference​, which is sponsored by IEEE and featured in the book, ‘​​Advances in Information and Communication​’. Alongside great minds including Yoshua Bengio, who's celebrated as one of the Fathers of Deep Learning, Darlington is featured in and wrote for the book, "​Artificial Intelligence Simplified​: 99 Use Cases And Expert Thoughts For Starters" which was put together by Data Science Nigeria. He also writes reports and essays for ​Synapse Magazine - ‘The Voice of African Artificial Intelligence & Data Science’ by AI Media.


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